About Us

Nationwide Electrical and Lighting Management Services Inc., is an innovative electrical lighting and sign management company staffed by former division heads of large electrical contractors, Wall Street firms and communication companies. We strongly believe in keeping current with all of the latest technologies in the electrical and service industries; and to that end our staff frequently attends training programs and seminars sponsored by major utilities, manufacturers and universities.

Our job as a management service company is to make your job as a facility manager or business owner as simple and stress free as possible when it comes to your electrical, lighting or sign needs.  We employ only the most efficient, qualified and courteous electrical professionals in our industry.

We have affiliates in every major city in the country.  Our affiliate offices are able to get to every mall, retail and commercial site in the country. Our customers range from small family businesses to national big box retail sites, warehouse facilities to financial institutions.  We will service any size project.

For more information on Nationwide Electrical and Lighting Management Services, contact us by clicking here, email nationwidemgmt@vnationwide.com, or call 800-955-7174.